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Bodyfriend Pharaoh S2 Black Edition Premium Massage Chair

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S2 Black Edition Premium Massage Chair


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  • The Bodyfriend Pharaoh S2 Black Edition premium massage chair brings luxurious design to you every day.
  • Take advantage of a mind-body management solution that induces brain relaxation through XD Brain Sound including Binaural beats and special massage.
    • Binaural beats: a third sound that is created in the brain when two sounds with varying frequencies enter each ear.


  • Bluetooth Speaker:
    • High quality stereo sound for brain massage and healing music
  • Zero Gravity:
    • The zero gravity angle offers the optimal massage angle
    • The angle distributes gravitational pressure by a weightless positioning of the body
    • Recline angles can be adjusted to optimize for each user’s needs
  • Zero Wall:
    • Space saving design for reclining mode that only requires 4 inches of back space - perfect for any room!
  • Auto Leg Adjust:
    • Adjust the leg length up to 8 inches to fit the user’s body type

  • Genuine leather:
    • Increased durability
    • Better airflow to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
    • Soft and resistant to stains

Special Features

  • XD-Flex Massage:
    • Provides sophisticated massage with the XD-Flex module which distributes the user’s weight
    • Fast and accurate shoulder recognition
    • Weight sensitive module to provide a flexible and gentle massage
    • Ability to change the massage ball use according to needs
    • Wide and deep XD massage using a long rotation axis
    • Ergonomic XD massage angle providing strong massages for larger muscles and gentle massages for smaller muscles

  • 6-Matic Massage Module:
    • Provides a rich and powerful massage using 6 massage balls
    • The 6 massage balls successfully reach the wider part of the back and waist

  • Brain Massage:
    • A program that helps the brain to rest through XD brain sounds including binaural beats
  • 3 Step Sole Rolling:
    • A 3 step magnetic acupressure sole rolling massage
  • 2 Step Calf Rolling:
    • Effective massage for leg fatigue recovery utilizing rotating rollers mounted on the leg massager
  • Intensity Control:
    • User can easily adjust massage intensity and airbag intensity for each body part for a catered experience


  • Chair Dimensions - Upright: 47.2 in. tall x 33.5 in. wide x 61 in. long
  • Chair Dimensions - Reclined: 39 in. tall x 33.5 in. wide x 78.7 in. long
  • Chair Weight: 335 lbs
  • Recommended User Size: Up to 6’3” and 220 lbs
  • Kneading Speed: 22-41 kneads per minute
  • Heating Temperature: Max 140 degrees F
  • Power Supply: 110 V - 120 V
  • Rated Current: 2.4 A
  • Power Frequency: 60 Hz.


Five-year limited warranty 

  • All parts, labor, and framework of the chair
  • Labor and parts covered for the first three years at no cost to Purchaser
  • Structural Framework covered at no cost to Purchaser for all five years
  • Defects in materials and workmanship

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel L.
"Great Investment"

On July 3, 2023, we visited the Bodyfriend Massage store at the Arcadia Mall in Arcadia, California. Ms. Sunhee S. spent over two hours demonstrating various models and answered all our questions. We purchased the Pharaoh SII Black Edition massage chair, and for a little more in price, we got a lot more in quality and technology. Here are a few reasons we believe Pharaoh SII Black Edition is a great investment: Bodyfriend Inc., in collaboration with Lamborghini, equates with exacting standards for design and technology; it’s the Rolls Royce (I meant Lamborghini) of massage chairs. The design is classy and rich, but you mainly pay for the technology and high-quality material. You can acquire therapy from light to extreme deep tissue massage with the combination of the AIRBAGS, 6 MATIC MASSAGE BALL ROLLER SYSTEM, and HEATING technology. This model offers 32 various AUTO MODES for ease-ability and depending on need and mood. I often use AUTO MODE: POSTURE, or QUEENS, or OFFICE, or RECOVERY mode. This model offers numerous MANUAL modes that isolate and targets specific areas of the body with a selection of therapy type (i.e., kneading, tapping, chopping, combination), HEAT therapy, and AIR BLADDER COMPRESSION therapy. Another quality feature is the BINAURAL SOUND SYSTEM. When I synchronize my personal music collection with the massage chair, I’m astonished at how the audio sound quality is better than my home system, and it definitely adds to the relaxation experience. I’m 5’-5”, and my wife is 4’-11”, and we need a chair that suits both our sizes. Even though this chair is designed for much taller individuals, the ZERO GRAVITY and LEG ADJUSTMENT features allow the chair to adjust and fit our smaller stature. We work nine-hour days in front of computers causing poor upper body posture, shoulder and forearm discomfort due to pinched nerves in the Cervical spinal area (neck & shoulder), and disrupts our sleep. To remedy this, we frequently use the AUTO MODE: QUEEN, UPPER BODY, RECOVERY, or OFFICE mode, and we noticed our upper body discomfort reduced substantially and our sleep pattern improved. On the weekends, I often do home maintenance inside and out that requires physical work, and I often get nerve pain shooting down my leg (sciatica-like discomfort) due to inflammation and pinched nerve in the Lumbar spinal area (lower back). To remedy this, I do 20 minutes of AUTO MODE: STRETCH mode and 20 minutes of MANUAL MODE: WAIST/BUTTOCKS mode with deep KNEADING, dramatically reducing the symptoms. My final thought, using the massage chair regularly before bedtime is a great way to relax and unwind. It is like having two or three masseuses simultaneously giving massage therapy every night without the cost, what’s that worth? THANK YOU - Ms. Sunhee S., at BODYFRIEND MASSAGE store at Arcadia Mall – Arcadia, California

Peggy P.
"Treat Yourself"

I purchased the BODYFRIEND Pharaoh II Black Edition Massage Chair in May 2022. I saw this chair in 2020 on a YouTube Channel as the K-Pop group BTS was advertising the massage chair and they also had several videos where they were using the chair in their studios to relax. I had never heard of a massage chair as they are not popular in the South. After reviewing the BODYFRIEND website several times, I finally saw a Mother’s Day sale discount on the chair, and it was time to purchase it. The sales branch manager named Sun Lee [****]) helped me to pick the right color for my room décor after I sent her a picture of my room and furniture. The massage chair is a perfect match to my room with the theater chairs. This massage chair is worth every penny. The leather is gorgeous and rich looking and full of preset massage features including Bluetooth. I had a second total knee replacement in March 2021 and had a revision (do-over to repair the knee as it had broken) in June 2022 and having this BODYFRIEND Massage chair to prop my knee/leg above my heart to control swelling and blood clots was absolutely the best medical support chair I could have purchased. It made the first 6 weeks of my knee recovery so much more relaxing, comfortable, fun and to fall asleep in. I did not need a leg pillow to prop my leg as the chair leg extension positioned me to the desired height, I needed to have my leg in the correct position above my heart. My swelling was so much better controlled with this massage chair compared to my first knee replacement and using a recliner and leg pillows as props. Also, the massage chair features are so magnificent. I have degenerative discs in my lower back and neck. The massage helps to rotate my muscles to keep more alignment to my discs. The chiropractor told me I was much more in alignment during my recent visits, and I told him it was my new massage chair that helps to massage my muscles to push my discs back into more alignment. As I see it, I have worked all my life (40 yrs.) and this was my retirement and Mother’s Day gift to me to enjoy the remainder of my life as to sit in something really nice since I don’t drive my vehicle as much. And my family absolutely loves it and will stop by more often to ask can they get a massage. I need to start charging a fee (smile). I am not disappointed in the quality of this massage chair, and you will not either. Treat yourself to a beautiful massage chair.