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Bodyfriend Phantom Medical Care Premium Massage Chair

Bodyfriend Phantom Medical Care Premium Massage Chair


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  • Bodyfriend’s full-body massage technology transforms a massage chair into a medical device with the Phantom Medical Care Massage Chair, which was specifically developed to treat minor neck muscle pain.
  • Recommended for users:
    • With muscle stiffness from working or studying int he same position over longer periods of time.
    • Who want to relieve muscle pain due to muscle cramps caused by excessive sports activities.
    • With muscle stiffness from frequent use of computer or smartphones.
    • Who want to relieve muscle pain in the neck, shoulder, or back due to childcare.


  • Bluetooth Speaker:
    • High quality stereo sound for brain massage and healing music
  • Zero Gravity:
    • The zero gravity angle offers the optimal massage angle
    • The angle distributes gravitational pressure by a weightless positioning of the body
    • Recline angles can be adjusted to optimize for each user’s needs
  • Zero Wall:
    • Space saving design for reclining mode that only requires 4 inches of back space - perfect for any room!
  •   Auto Leg Adjust:
    • Adjust the leg length up to 8 inches to fit the user’s body type
  •  Concentrated Calf Massage Features:
    • Calf and plantar roller compression stimulation
    • Calf airbag compression
  • Vibration and Compression Stimulation:
    • Airbag compression stimulation of the hand and forearm
    • Vibration and compressions stimulation of the occipital muscle and trapezius muscle
    • Massage stimulation by lifting the spine point

Phantom Medical Care Mode

  • PEMF Neck:
    • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
    • This mode intensively moves the neck area and relieves pain around the neck at the same time through a pulsed electromagnetic field.

  • PEMF Waist:
    • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
    • This mode intensively moves around the waist and relieves pain at the same time through a pulsed electromagnetic field.
  • Neck Massage:
    • This mode massages around the neck through airbags and massage modules.
    • A head strap unit is available to help isolate the neck.

  • Neck Stretch:
    • This mode provides a gentle neck massage.
  • Thigh:
    • This mode adds muscle stimulation to the thighs by fixing calf and ankle airbags while stimulating the muscle quadricep femoris and muslc bicep femoris. 
    • With this mode, the user can feel the effect of stretching and alleviating minor muscle pain through individual stimulation.
  • Waist:
    • This mode includes massaging the back and pelvis including the use of acupressure to provide muscle relief.
  • Neck & Shoulder:
    • This mode relieves pain by massaging the shoulder and neck area while relaxing the surrounding muscles with acupressure.
  • Recovery:
    • This mode massages the entire body and features gentle pressure on the neck and back.
    • Heat function helps to relieve muscle pain.
  • Athletic:
    • This mode relieves pain in the muscles used in many athletic activities by providing strong acupressure using a roller.
  • Office:
    • This mode relieves neck and shoulder massage as well as lower back pain.


  • Chair Dimensions - Upright: 48.0 in. tall x 34.1 in. wide x 62.4 in. long
  • Chair Dimensions - Reclined: 37.8 in. tall x 34.1 in. wide x 76.8 in. long
  • Chair Weight: 333 lbs
  • Power Rating: 110 - 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Heating Temperature: 41 - 104 degrees F


Five-year limited warranty 

  • All parts, labor, and framework of the chair
  • Labor and parts covered for the first three years at no cost to Purchaser
  • Structural Framework covered at no cost to Purchaser for all five years
  • Defects in materials and workmanship

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