Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are FAQs that often arise when buying premium massage chairs online:


1. What are the key features I should look for in a premium massage chair?

Customers often inquire about features like massage types, intensity adjustments, body scanning, zero gravity, space saving, heat therapy, and specific massage programs. The massage chair Buyer's Guide can help narrow down the search and each product page will have information about the chair specific features.

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2. What is the warranty coverage for premium massage chairs?

The warranty for each massage chair is dependent on the manufacturer. Each product page on the Comfort Loungers website lists the current coverage available and the Warranties page in Quick Links can provide more detail.


3. What is the weight and size capacity of the chair?

The chair's dimensions, weight, and the range of user sizes the chair that can be accommodated for a comfortable fit will be noted on each individual product page.


4. What's the return policy and shipping process for the chair?

Both the Return Policy and Shipping Policy are located in the Quick Links section at the bottom of the Comfort Loungers website.


5. How does the chair handle after-sales service and support?

Customers may want to know about customer service responsiveness, technical support availability, and repair services post-purchase. Comfort Loungers is ready and available to assist in support after purchase. Please email for assistance.


6. Are there financing options available for purchasing a premium massage chair?

Yes, financing options are available for all massage chair models through Comfort Loungers and are shown for each product page.


7. What if I find a better price at another store after my purchase?

If a better price is found for the same item within six months of purchase, Comfort Loungers will refund the difference. Please visit the Price Match Guarantee page for more information..


8. Does the chair come with user manuals or online tutorials for setup and operation?

Yes, the massage chair does come with user manuals plus online video tutorials are available for each brand and typically each model on the Comfort Loungers’ Videos page.


9. What is the expected lifespan or durability of a premium massage chair?

The expected lifespan of your massage chair will depend on the material of the chair and the care taken throughout its usage. Proper maintenance is key to longevity.


10. Can the chair be customized to individual preferences?

Many of the massage chairs sold through Comfort Loungers include customization options, such as user-specific settings, memory functions, adjustments for different massage intensities, or physical chair adjustments to create the ideal massage chair position.


Please contact Comfort Loungers through the Live Chat feature or by email at with any questions.